About Us



Admyr Inc. was originally from Texas, an Open Hole base with equipment supplied by Marvin Gearhart.

One of the partners of Admyr (Calvin Myers) opened a base in Louisiana in the early 1970's .The company flourished logging oil and gas wells in the region. After Mr. Myer’s retirement, Gearhart took over the company and changed the name to Admyr Gearhart. This happened in the mid 80’s. With the decline of the price of oil Gearhart closed most of the small bases, Admyr being one of those, and later Gearhart was purchased by Halliburton to add to their wireline company Welex.

Scott Glover started with Admyr in 1979, graduated from the Gearhart engineering class in 1985. Not too long after that Admyr was closed in Louisiana. Mr. Myers came out of retirement and put a group together, including Scott Glover over field operations.

The company was able to keep the Admyr name and raise enough capital to purchase logging equipment and continued to provide services. Scott Glover became sole owner when Mr. Myers retired and was bought out. At this point Scott's focus was to upgrade equipment and expand services.

The new tool market was almost none existing for independents, and support regarding repair was very limited. Scott realized that if tools and support were not solved, his company would be unable to stay open. It was just a matter of time and tool failures. In 2009 Admyr International was founded and thus providing repairs and later new tool design.


As a wireline company we are looking forward to give our customer the best quality-cost relation, offering the best tools in the independent market and approaching our customers as our most valuable asset. With more than 35 years in the field and thousands of wells logged the results and experience talk by us. Our compromise in field is to reduce our customer’s time, maximizing the results providing excellent logs.

As a design company, we are focused to give strength to the independent market, providing high quality parts, tools and systems that remember the gold 80‘s decade in the field using XXI century technology, giving our customers affordable systems that outperform any independent competitor’s tools minimizing cost and increasing our customer’s revenue.

Our repair shop with more than 30 years of experience, allow us to repair and keeping in good shape any kind of open or cased hole tool. From electronics parts, trough mechanical repairing to complete tools retrofit, our capabilities will give you and edge to keep growing in this giants field.

Partners and Customers


Our main technical partner is Scientific Data Systems, as leaders of uphole logging systems for cased and open hole, we trust our surface data acquisition to them. This gives us an edge beyond other competitors in wireline service due the logs quality ensuring the best results for our customers.