ADT Admyr Telemetry

Tool Description

The telemetry package collects data from tools connected to the downhole stack and sends them to Warrior™ panel for its processing.  This communications system acquire data of Admyr digital tools, also, it could has add-ons as digitizer interface for analog tools, a built-in gamma ray sensor, borehole deviation, and a borehole evaluation that includes mud resistivity and temperature to have improved borehole corrections.

One of its advantages over competitors’ designs is that a stack of analog tools could be used with or without the telemetry and Warrior™ panel without modifications, just adding the telemetry to the stack and selecting the proper service.

Tool Specifications

Mechanical Specifications  
Operating Temperature: 300 °F (149 °C)
Operating Pressure:
15.000 PSI (100 MPa)
Physical Specifications
90 lbs (40 Kgs)
 Diameter:  4” (10.16 Cms)
 Total Length:  48” (122 Cms)
Electronics Specifications
Sampling Interval: 50 msec
Operating Voltage:  +60VDC to +130VDC
Power Consumption:  5 Watts Max
Data Link Specifications
Uplink Data Rate: up to 100 kbps
Downlink Data Rate: 5 kbps
Bundle Specifications
 Max Number Of Tools: 16 Digital Interfaced Tools (Including Add-Ons)  
Possible Add-Ons: 4 Analog to Digital Mixed Inputs (2 Analog and/or 2 Pulsed)
1 Gamma Ray
1 Deviation
1 Borehole Evaluation

A2D Mixed Inputs Add On

Admyr’s telemetry was designed to provide an analog to digital interface that allows to connect any analog tool with digital tools in the same string. This add-on also allows to create an analog string of tools that due the inner conductors limitations was not possible before this add-on.

Electronics Specifications
Max Analog Channels: 8 Channels, 16 bits @±10VDC. Signals from analog tools, e.g.: DIL, MEL, etc.
Max Pulsed Channels: 4 Channels, Phantom and/or Ground Referenced Pulses, 4 heights.
Max of 32 signals from pulsed tools, e.g.: NGR, CNT, CDT, etc.
Max of 11.000 cps per channel @ 10 usec pulse width.

Gamma Ray Add On

The Gamma Ray Add-On measures the natural radioactivity of the formation.  The Add-On uses a scintillation crystal combined with a photomultiplier to detect the level of gamma radiation surrounding the well.

Measurement Specifications
Accuracy: ±5%
Primary Curve: Gamma Ray API
Vertical Resolution: 7” (17.78 Cms)

Deviation Package Add On

The deviation package incorporates a solid-state bi-axial inclinometer and tri-axial accelerometer to provide the necessary data required to calculate the inclination and deviation of the borehole.    

Measurement Specifications
Accuracy: ±5% Degrees        
Primary Curve: Z Axis Deviation
Angular Range: 0…30 Degrees

Borehole Evaluation Add On

The borehole evaluation incorporates a mud cell and temperature probe, these sensors are necessary to have improved borehole corrections for other tools.

Measurement Specifications
Mud Cell Accuracy: ±0.1 Ohm-m Temp Probe Accuracy:      ±0.5 °C
Mud Cell Range: 0.1 - 100 Ohm-m Temp Probe Range: -20…+125 °C

Tool Avaliability

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