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Admyr is in constant motion, developing new ways to stay at top in the market offering to its customers the best solutions. At this point, we are leading the following projects

Litho Density Tool

Admyr International Announces Completion of its New Litho-Density Tool For Use in Oil and Gas Exploration

MONROE, LA., August 8, 2013 Admyr International, LLC, a subsidiary of Admyr Wireline, Inc. has successfully developed and tested a litho-density tool for commercial use in oil and gas exploration.

"Our new litho-density tool expands our existing product line of oil and gas exploration tools" said Scott Glover, CEO of Admyr, Inc. "Only few companies flobally have successfully developed and commercially marketed a litho-density tool. Admyr International is positioned to capitalize on the growing global market for oil and gas exploration tools. Furthermore, our new communications package offers customers an accurate tool for measuring and analyzing oil and gas formations."

The tool measures density and lithology of the formation through the analysis of the photoelectric absorption cross section of the formation. The formation adjacent to the well bore is bombarded with gamma rays from a cesium source.projects

The resultant scattering is analyzed from two detectors mounted on a pad, pressed against the borehole wall. The two detectors compensate for effects of hole rugosity and mud-cake thickness while the bulk density and Pe measurement is made.projects


Advance Admyr DIL

This tool uses a conventional dual induction logging tool array to record resistivity data at three depths of investigation, this includes deep, medium and shallow measurements using an LL3 constant power tool. In-phase (R-signal) induction measurements and induction quadrature signal (X -signal) measurements in three frequencies are performed and combined, signal processing is also used to achieve an improved resolution and fully corrected response for shoulder effect. By adding Admyr's TELEMETRY system, borehole geometry measurement devices in the same toolstring, borehole effect can be corrected in real time.