A-MEL Admyr Micro Electric Log

Tool Description

The Micro Electric Log (MEL) Tool measures the resistivities of small volumes of formation near the wall of the wellbore. Three electrodes are spaced on a pad mounted on a spring-loaded arm, which is tightly pressed against the side of the borehole. The tool could be configured to transmit the data to surface either in voltage or in pulsed format.

Tool Specifications

A-MEL is built with the highest quality techniques, best materials, and brand new electronics designs are used to create the perfect mix of well established sensing technology with the ultimate processing electronics. 

Measurement Range
1” Micro Curve:  0 – 600 Ωm
1” Micro Curve Output:  0 – 10 Volts
1.000 – 11.000 cps
2”Micro Curve: 0 – 600 Ωm
2” Micro Curve Output: 0 – 10 Volts
1.000 – 11.000 cps
Caliper Range: 4 – 16 Inches
Caliper Output: 0 – 10 Volts
1.000 – 5.000 cps
Mechanical Specifications
Operating Temperature: 300 °F  (149 °C)
Operating Pressure:  15.000 PSI (100 MPa)
Physical Specifications
Weight:            75 lbs (35 Kgs)
Diameter: 4” (10.16 Cms)
Total Length: 70” (180 Cms)
Electronics Specifications
Sampling Interval: Continuous
Operating Voltage: +40VDC to +120VDC
Operating Current: +40mADC*
Power Consumption: 4.8 Watts Max*

 Tool Avaliability

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