Our Services


Formation Evaluation

With more than 35 years in the field and thousands of wells logged the results and experience talk by us. Our compromise in field is to reduce our customer's rig time, maximizing results.

Our partership with Scientific Data System, developers of the leader software Warrior, our high performance tools and bast experience in field allow us to provide excellent quality LOGS.


We are specialized to achieve high count rate in our coring procedure extracting an excellents samples of the formation.
Coring is the perfect partner of a logging giving an edge to the investors minimazing the risk.

Sample Logs

Providing geological consulting services and technical training for the petroleum industry, specializing in sample descriptions of cores and well cuttings from carbonate reservoirs integrating sample data with log interpretations, petrophysics, geophysics and reservoir engineering.

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Repair Shop

Admyr’s Repair Shop specializes in obsolete and modern replacement parts. We can manufacture mechanical components needed to repair your tools.

Tim Loupe heads up Admyr's tool and repair division. Our team has been in the business of manufacturing and repairing logging tools for over 25 years. Admyr's tool repair services include trouble-shooting and repairs of open-hole and cased-hole logging tools.

Some of the services Admyr provides include:

  • Conversion of tools to your power specifications
  • Replacement boards and assemblies for obsolete circuits
  • Develop of add-ons for existing tools

Admyr Repair Shop maintains in stock several parts that provide to our customers the best quality repairs in record time. Our stock of repair parts allow us to:

  • Repair nuclear tools using PMTs, Crystals, HV power supplies, and any other critical mechanical components like density springs inter alia.
  • In some special cases, we can provide a refurbish of electrical tools like dual Induction (Gearhart, Landy or Pengo).
  • Our stock also includes arms, pads, and electronics for tools like MEL.
  • Also we can provide a whole support in electronics replacement parts with the warranty that a whole new design can be performed to boost up your old tool.


Training and Leasing

We have an extensive selection of used tools and equipment for lease. Also, outfits logging trucks to the customer's specifications and will train your staff in the finer points of logging, rigging, and tool repair.